OUR Coffee

Single Origin Beans

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Well balanced cup with floral aroma. Medium citric (orange) acidity with sweet limes flavours. Clean after-taste.

Colombia Certified Organic

Certified Organic. Sweet, floral aroma with fruity notes. Medium malic acidity with a full creamy mouthfeel. Fruited and sweet flavours with a candy like chocolaty aftertaste.


Walnuts with mildly spicy aroma. Medium malic acidity with good body. Slightly fruited flavour with a clean milk chocolaty aftertaste.

Honduras Certified Organic

Rich chocolate notes in the aroma – mildly fruity. Citric acidity with good body. Stoned fruit flavors with hints of nuts. A sweet coffee with cocoa powder notes in the after-taste.

Malawi Misuku Highlands

Well balanced with a bright, fresh acidity. Fruity notes (stone fruit) with a sweet finish.

Nicaragua Sajonia Estate

Bright fruited, toasty aroma with hints of almonds. Medium citric acidity with full creamy body. Lemongrass and orange notes in the flavour – hints of nuts and chocolate in the aftertaste.

South Africa Shiloh Estate

Our very first homegrown offering comes from Shiloh Coffee Estate near Hazeview. This coffee offers a medium body with hints of stonefruit and a beautiful sweet aroma. Local truely is “lekker”

Brazil Arvoredo

This natural process specialty coffee has a pleasant sweet aroma. Low in acidity, with hints of fruit and nuts, finished off with lovely chocolate notes. (Traceable).


Blend #1

This African blend is a mild, easy drinking coffee. Subtle floral notes and hints of dark chocolate with a sweet finish.

Blend #2

A well balanced South American blend offering medium body with a smooth caramel-like sweetness.


A bold, rich espresso blend with a full body. Clean cut with smooth chocolate notes.

Blend #4

This is a medium to full-bodied blend. Beautiful floral notes with a clean sweet aroma.